What exactly IS a parent coach?  

A parent coach is someone who uses a strengths based approach to work with a parent and their child to guide them towards achieving positive parent-child interactions.  A parent coach provides the parent with new tools to help guide a child's behavior towards what you want it to be.  A parent coach provides helpful feedback and tips for tackling difficult behaviors that your child is exhibiting that you may be at a loss for how to handle.  A parent coach can work in person, on the phone, or virtually with you and your child to work through those challenging behaviors.  A parent coach is someone who can be a support person in difficult times, and empathize with the difficult behaviors you are facing and help you understand them so that you can address them.  More often than not, parents are already doing what they're supposed to be doing, they just don't know how important it is to do more of it!  A parent coach can help you see that.  A parent coach knows that the parent is the expert of their child, and are there to simply guide the way through challenging behaviors that may come up for a variety of reasons for children.  My background with in home counseling and in home parent coaching helps me to consider all of the family dynamics going on in your home and use a holistic approach.   I focus on the strengths of each parent, and the strengths of each child and use those to improve behaviors you want to see more of, and decrease behaviors you want to see less of. 

How is parent coaching different than counseling?

In parent coaching sessions, we focus on where your family is in the present, and solutions for the future.  If you or your child have a history that may have impacted the behaviors that you want to change (such as trauma, death or divorce) of course that is taken into consideration.  However, we do not move into addressing the past, we simply use a solutions based approach and implement tools for how to change behaviors and move forward in a positive way.  If I ever feel your family would benefit from support in addition to parent coaching, I will refer you to some great people. 


What material are you using during a parent coaching session and what makes it effective?

The curriculum I use is an evidence based program which I am certified in teaching.  What does evidence based mean?  It means the outcomes of the material have been proven by research to be effective in positively impacting family dynamics.  How does this impact you?  You have the peace of mind knowing that the material I use is tried and true to be effective with almost any behavior challenge you may be having with your child.  

What age groups do you offer parent coaching for?

Parents with children ages birth to school age.

What should I expect during a parent coaching session?

For in-home or group sessions you can expect that we will discuss challenges and successes, watch some video examples of the topics we are discussing, practice the new tools you are learning, have time for questions, and end with some reflective worksheets to complete before the next time we meet.  These sessions last anywhere between 60-90 minutes.  Typically it is best if your child is present, so we can work together with him or her but the child does not always need to be present.  The benefit of me coming to your home is that we can tailor the time to what works best for your family's schedule.   In the classes, you will also get an Incredible Years book to read up on all of the topics we will discuss in our sessions together. 


How much support will I get with parent coaching?


I am available during the time we work together for unlimited emails, text, and we can do one weekly phone call check in to answer any questions that may arise between weekly sessions.  I make every effort to really hear parent's concerns, and support you in areas that you want help.  It is very much a collaborative approach.  A parent coach can be an advocate for your child when working with the school system for things such as an IEP, or working on behavior intervention techniques with a team of professionals.  I am always happy to participate in service meetings if it will be helpful for your child. 

Families may benefit from parent coaching if: 

  • they have children with ADD/ADHD

  • they have children with oppositional defiance disorder

  • they lack parent-child attachment or bonding

  • they have a parent who has suffered from post partum depression or anxiety

  • they have experienced significant family change such as divorce or death**

    • This program may be accepted in a court of law for Washington State requirements of obtaining parenting classes prior to a divorce being granted by a judge. 

  • they want to reduce yelling in the home between parent and child

  • they want their child to listen to them and follow directions better

  • they want to increase positive interactions with their child

  • parents feel at a loss for how to manage their child's emotions or behaviors

  • parents want to do it differently than their parents did, but don't know how

  • parents feel they want some more tools on parenting