When Women Support Each Other

To the moms out there....I TRY at the end of every video I do to add on and ask others to share their own tips and tricks. WHY? Well, because we learn from what we do! I have an educational background in childhood development, human development, trauma, positive parent-child relations, etc..... I know my knowledge is valuable. However. I also know and respect the value of others who have walked before us. With us. Beside us. There is value in YOUR experience as a parent. I've learned some pretty amazing things from parents I've worked with, I'll tell you what. No one does it perfect. We all have gems of wisdom to share either from our own failures, or wins. And we all have both. Women. Mothers. Have a unique role unlike any other. Whether you're working or not. It doesn't matter. We are all binded. Let us uplift one another. Support one another. See each other.

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