The Growth Mindset

About a month ago I was working with a family as their IEP/504 Plan Liason. After the IEP meeting was over we got a tour of the students new classroom. I was so impressed to see this GLAD strategy being used on growth mindset with 3rd graders!! What a valuable lesson to teach! This would be a great pictorial just to have in a child’s room.

A tool parents can use to help their child have a growth mindset is persistence coaching. This means using a lot of encouraging statements with your child, especially when they’re doing things that challenge them. Some examples are, “wow you’re trying so hard, keep it up” “you’re doing such a great job at (whatever the thing they’re doing)” “I know this is difficult for you, I’m so proud that you keep trying”.

Additionally, offering praise for children frequently, especially for things that are hard for them; it will encourage them to do it more because they’re getting positive attention for that hard thing. And kids will do anything to get attention!

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