Silver Lining

Persistent as a child can be overwhelming and irritating for the an adult in many areas of life, it can be a huge asset.

Fast paced, boundless energy...labels/terms like this in children can be difficult to manage day in and out for a parent who is trying to help a child positively manage their an adult these qualities can be hugely beneficial for a strong work ethic and high achievement.

Strong-willed as a child can become driven as an adult. A huge benefit for many areas of life.

Tenacious as a child can mean loyal and dedicated as an adult.

Overtly shy as a child could become a good listener and someone who pays attention to detail as an adult. Wonderful qualities to have in many areas of life.

Look for the silver lining in your child's challenging behaviors, and help them shape that behavior into something that will serve them in life. We can not change them, only teach them to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

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