Mom And Her Son Mirroring Each Other

I got this text from a parent over the weekend who graduated from the Baby parenting classes in December (babies picture cropped to protect privacy). This mama sent me a video exchange of her and her son mirroring each other, which was a technique we had discussed during the time we worked together to help teach babies to learn and grow.

It was SO unexpected, and SO heart warming to receive this video from her sharing this experience with her son. It helped me see that the concepts I teach, do carry on after I'm out of the home (which is ultimately the goal).

What IS mirroring with babies? It is when a caregiver and their baby are exchanging in a reciprocal exchange of expressions. This helps babies learn so much. For example, when you're baby says "ooohhhh" you do it back to her, and then she does it back to you again, and you do it back to her to encourage her to do it again, and so fourth. It encourages babies to repeat things, and learn a behavior or action. Can you think of things that you mirror with your baby? This way of teaching carries on well beyond newborns and infants. Monkey see, monkey do. All children mimic what they see and hear!

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