What Brings you Joy and How Does That Pertain to Parenting?

It can be easy to get lost in being a parent. It can be easy to get lost in a marriage, in loss, in grief, in a career, in appearances, in a hobby, in addiction, in social media, in the day to day things you feel you "should" and "must" do. And where can that leave you? Lost, empty, and running on fumes for yourself and your children.

So back to my original question; what brings you joy? Knowing the answer to that question can be truly sacrosanct. Leaning into, and seeking that which brings you joy can lead to health, happiness and freedom, and in effect, emotional health and wellness so that you can feel full and present for yourself and your children. Joy does not mean happy all of the time. Joy is pleasure in things that fill you and in that knowing, creating time and space to seek it.

Nature brings me joy. It fills me. Any season, any time of day. I know that going to nature brings me joy and is an endless source of it if I'm willing to go find it. What brings you joy? When you surround yourself with things/places/experiences/people that bring you joy, how much more are you able to show up for your family?

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