"Let Your Freak Flag Fly"

As children get older, many worry more and more about conformity, being liked, being accepted among their peers. It is a valuable lesson to teach children that there is no such thing as perfection, and everyone has their own unique differences that they must learn to celebrate. A female entrepreneur who's podcast, Front Seat Life, I love listening to, Jessica Buttsuses the phrase, "let your freak flag fly" in reference for being as she puts it, un-apologetically who you are. I've coined this term with my own children and really try to highlight their differences or their "freak flags" and to wear it loud and proud. We make jokes about it and laugh, "oh it's your freak flag coming out!". It's a light way of really highlighting and celebrating their uniqueness. If we can help children when they're younger to be true to who they are, in all of their imperfections, we sure could save them a lot of un-doing as adults!

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