How To Teach Problem-Solving Skills By Age Group

Teaching children problem solving skills is something that will last them a lifetime. This is one of the topics covered in the Preschool/School Age Parenting Program. Enrollment is now open for a REMOTE Preschool/School age Parenting Class beginning after the New Year!

This pictorial gives awesome information on this topic. However, in the class you will have a chance to troubleshoot specifically what areas you are needing advice and direction in, you will get feedback tailored to your family, and you will get support from others participating in the class and myself. All of the topics covered build upon each other to increase the outcomes you are looking for.For example, it would be helpful (kinda necessary) for children to have emotional regulation to be able to use problem solving...we cover BOTH and so much more in the class!

I'm limiting enrollment to only 5 families for this class so enroll soon to reserve your spot!

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