How To Help Children When They Feel Big Feelings

Handling kids's BIG emotions is HARD work! This month I will be releasing my first training for purchase, called "When Kids Feel the Big Feels, and How You Can Help Them".

Topics in the training will include:

-How to help children to identify and describe their emotions -helping children increase vocabulary to include emotions -How parents can model this for their children -How to use play, mealtime, reading, and more to teach children about managing emotions in a positive way -Using praise and reward systems to systematically reduce behaviors and emotions you don't want to see -AND MORE!!!

With purchase of this training you will get for FREE: -A free follow along printable for taking notes -A free printable for writing in behaviors/emotions you want to help change with your children and what praise to use to do that -A free printable reward chart to use to focus on specific behaviors you want to reduce in your child.

This is one of the topics I hear most often from the parents I work with that they want additional support and help in. I'm SO excited to share this with all of you.

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