Growing Up With The Gift of Dyslexia

Happy Halloween Everyone! It is also the last day of October, which is Dyslexia Awareness Month. In light of that, I wanted to share some great insight from a man who has had the experience of having Dyslexia.

Having Dyslexia can be challenging and overwhelming for a child who has it, and for the parents of children that have it. Dan shared with me some wonderful insight and uplifting tips for children with Dyslexia and their parents.

As a child Dan struggled through school from as early on as he can remember. With determination and tenacity, Dan made the choice that Dyslexia would not determine his success in life. Dan has learned to use the strengths he has which have led to a thriving career, which includes various Senior Management titles and roles. All of his success has landed him in a position to now be self employed starting his own telecommunications, software and cloud business. It is important to Dan to give hope and encouragement to families who are in the midst of the struggles that can and do come with Dyslexia. I for one am grateful for his input. As a parent with a child with Dyslexia, his encouraging words uplift me on this journey with Dyslexia. I hope it does the same for you. Please share with anyone who you know has Dyslexia so that it may encourage them too.

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