Build Strong Children

It can be difficult to stick with routines, to always follow through on expectations, to ensure that they're doing the right thing, eating the right foods, etc. However, these small but hugely important daily commitments you make to your child to be a decent human being add up over the years. And one of the things that helps the MOST with building strong children into strong adults is CONNECTION.

Intentional connecting with your child so that you can really see and feel what they're needing, and help them feel seen and heard and feel valued.

There's a lot always swirling around out there about what parents "should" and "shouldn't" be doing for their kids, with their kids, on behalf of their kids. In my humble opinion, stick with connection and you can't go wrong. When you're connected, you will see them show you what their needs are; that they may fall apart when they don't get to bed on time, you will see that they do better with knowing what to expect next in the day, you will see if they need extra reminders before bedtime or not. And so on. How are you connecting with your kiddo?

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