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Camille Marie Coaching offers in home or online parenting classes for three different age

groups; Babies, Toddlers and Preschool/School Age.  These classes offer a holistic approach

to parenting. This means that we don't just focus on challenging behavior, but identify the strengths in your child and your relationship with your child.  Having the classes in your home is convenient for parents and allows us to focus on the unique needs of your family.  If you would like to read more about how effective these evidence based classes are, go to the resources page on the website.  


Baby (birth up to 8 months): Topics

Toddler (8 months up to 3 years): Topics

Preschool/School Age (3 years up to 9 years): Topics

If you would like more information about in person or online parenting classes,  contact me here. 

In Home or Online Parent Coaching
Camille Marie Coaching parent coach pare
Camille Marie Coaching Parent Coach Pare
Oh Baby!!!  Post Partum Support

Having a baby can be really hard, whether it's your first or fifth.  It can feel overwhelming to some women, and yet our society does not do the best job of supporting women during this time; one or both of the parents need to get back to work ASAP, families are spread out, and friends are busy. Additionally many women feel they "shouldn't" find it hard so don't ask for help even when they need it.  Some women also have the additional challenge of post-partum depression or post-partum anxiety.  In this in home program, I offer hands on help for mothers with newborns.  We review material to help you learn about your baby; cues, non verbal communication, breastfeeding or bottle feeding tips, introducing solids, and developmental milestones to name a few.  We also tailor my time to support you in ways that serve you, the mom.  If that means grabbing groceries on the way because you can't get out, so be it!  It is my honor to serve women with little ones and give them some peace of mind, and opportunity to rest.  We will meet the number of times you think is best for you.  Contact me here to so we can find out how I can best support you.  

Group Classes

The Baby,Toddler and Preschool/School Age Parenting Classes can be offered at a discounted rate in group settings for organizations such as your church, a MOPS group, a co-op, counseling offices, schools, ECEAP, Head Start, or at your child's school.  Group classes are also available for specific topics that are applicable for any age group.  Some specific topic classes are, Social and Emotional Coaching For Your Child, Descriptive and Academic Coaching In Play, and Gaining Support For Busy Moms.  If you group has a specific topic they would like a class in, can tailor it to meet your needs.  A minimum of 5 families must be enrolled to start a class.  Classes can be offered online via video conference or in person at a convenient location of your choice.  If you have a group of people interested in classes at a discounted rate please contact me here

Individual Sessions

Some families don't want to commit to an entire class series or feel the need to.  Some families may have very specific behaviors going on with their child that another professional has recommended behavior intervention therapy as a part of the treatment plan.  Or, you may just want some feedback on what to do next with behavior concerns you may have with your child and are seeking guidance.  Individual sessions are available in person, on the phone or video conference.  If you are interested in an individual session please contact me here. 

Post partum support parent coach Camille
Camille Marie Coaching parent coach pare
IEP/504 Plan Liaison

A liaison will first discuss with the parents what their concerns are, and desired outcomes for the upcoming IEP or 504 plan meeting. Second, they will review all assessments and documentation of your child pertaining to areas that will be relevant at the IEP/504 plan meeting. Based on this collaborative information, they will generate a list of recommended accommodations to present at the IEP/504 plan meeting based on the parents feedback and their professional experience and knowledge. When a Liaison attends your IEP/504 plan meeting with you they will advocate for your child from a neutral stand point at a time when emotions can run high for parents. Additionally a liaison can work to help parents and educators to ensure that accommodations are congruent at home and school, which can lead to optimal success for the child. A liaison will give parents and educators guidance on how to ensure this happens such as recommending specific behavior intervention techniques that are evidence based. We use a strengths based approach.

A liaison come with years of experience participating in IEP/504 plan meetings, as well as experience with children who require this support. They understand how emotional these meetings can be, and can be a support to the parents. Additionally, they will work to advocate for your child's best interest. The liaison will also take notes during the meeting to capture imperative information that is exchanged for reference as needed thereafter.

At CMC we specialize in supporting students with learning disorders such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, as well as diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and children that fall under the umbrella of a conduct disorder.  If you are interested in using an IEP/504 Liaison please contact me here.