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No matter how long you've been a parent or how many children you have, we'd love to hear about your challenges and see if we can help.  In our many years of working with families and children, we've grown a strong belief that parents already have what they need to succeed.  Sometimes they just need some guidance finding it.  Our passion for working with children and families is to provide them with tools to feel more confident and successful.  We've been providing these services for over 16 years to thousands of families, using evidence-based practices.  CMC specializes in serving families with children ages birth up to 9, including post-partum support support.  We offer interactive online parenting classes that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your family, specializing in children with ADHDAdditionally, we support families with children who have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and other diagnoses in the IEP/504 Plan process.


Camille Hereth B.A., C.C., Owner, Counselor, Certified Parent Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Training Coming Soon: When Kids Feel the Big Feels, and How You Can Help Them. 

        -In this video training you will learn effective strategies to teach children how to positively                   manage big feelings such as mad, sad, frustrated, angry, excited.  You will learn how to do               this through child directed play, learning how to label emotions and teach children to do                   this, implementing systematic praise and rewards to decrease the challenging behaviors you           want reduce. We also address some techniques for parents to stay calm when their kids isn't.
        -Also included is a follow along guideline, a worksheet for identifying challenging behaviors             and praise to use to reduce it, and a reward chart.
        -Once the training is purchased it does not expire so you will have unlimited access to re-                   watch.
        -A promo code is included for access to discounts on other CMC services.
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly IS a parent coach?  

A parent coach is someone who uses a strengths based approach to work with a parent and their child to guide them towards achieving positive parent-child interactions.  A parent coach provides the parent with new tools to help guide a child's behavior towards what you want it to be.  A parent coach provides helpful feedback and tips for tackling difficult behaviors that your child is exhibiting that you may be at a loss for how to handle.    A parent coach is someone who can be a support person in difficult times, and empathize with the difficult behaviors you are facing and help you understand them so that you can address them.  More often than not, parents are already doing what they're supposed to be doing, they just don't know how important it is to do more of it!  A parent coach can help you see that.  A parent coach knows that the parent is the expert of their child, and are there to simply guide the way through challenging behaviors that may come up for a variety of reasons for children. A parent coach considers all of the family dynamics going on in your home and uses a holistic approach.   We focus on the strengths of each parent, and the strengths of each child and use those to improve behaviors you want to see more of, and decrease behaviors you want to see less of. 

How is parent coaching different than counseling?

In parent coaching sessions, we focus on where your family is in the present, and solutions for the future.  If you or your child have a history that may have impacted the behaviors that you want to change (such as trauma, death or divorce) of course that is taken into consideration.  However, we do not move into addressing the past, we simply use a solutions based approach and implement tools for how to change behaviors and move forward in a positive way.  If I ever feel your family would benefit from support in addition to parent coaching, I will refer you to some great people. 

What material are you using  and what makes it effective?

The curriculum I use is an evidence based program which I am certified in teaching.  What does evidence based mean?  It means the outcomes of the material have been proven by research to be effective in positively impacting family dynamics.  How does this impact you?  You have the peace of mind knowing that the material I use is tried and true to be effective with almost any behavior challenge you may be having with your child.  This program is for parents with children ages birth to school age.

What should I expect during a parent coaching session?  

Whether you are doing In Home, Remote or group classes, you can expect that we will discuss challenges and successes, watch some video examples of the topics we are discussing, practice the new tools you are learning, have time for questions, and end with some reflective worksheets to complete before the next time we meet.  These sessions last 60 minutes. You receive an interactive workbook as well as weekly worksheets to further support your understanding of the material.  Individual sessions can be done remotely, over the phone or in person.

When can I reach you for more information?

I am available during the time we work together for email, text, and phone support.  I make every effort to really hear parent's concerns, and support you in areas that you want help.  It is very much a collaborative approach.  A parent coach can be an advocate for your child when working with the school system for things such as an IEP, or working on behavior intervention techniques with a team of professionals.  I am always happy to participate in service meetings if it will be helpful for your child. 

I liked being able to have my baby there to practice as we go through the material each week!  Camille was friendly, helpful, and caring.