Online Parenting Classes Information

Who are parenting classes for?

  • Parents who want to do things differently than their own parents.

  • Parents of children with challenging behavior like tantrums, biting, yelling, not going to

  • bed when asked or staying in bed, not following directions.

  • Parents who are frustrated with trying the same thing over and over and it isn't working.

  • Parents of children who struggle to handle their emotions.

  • Parents who want to do it better but don't know how.

  • Parents of strong willed children who don't follow directions.

  • Parents who want to improve their parent-child relationships.

  • Parents who want help and don't have a lot of time.

What will online classes include? 

  • We follow the curriculum of an evidence based parenting program called the Incredible Years, 9based out of the University of Washington) which has been around and researched to prove it's effectiveness for over 30 years!  

  • Weekly 60 minute live sessions accessed online via Zoom video conference. 

  • There is a TON of material and tools you will learn! Each week different topic is


  • Opportunities to practice new skills you're learning during each session.

  • Weekly worksheets are provided for further understanding and practice of

       new tools.

  • A book that expands even farther on each topic covered. 

  • Material is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your family.

  • Referrals and resources in your community provided by your parent coach as needed.

  • Unlimited phone, text and email access with your parent coach. 

What age range are online classes for? 

Baby (birth up to 8 months): Topics

Toddler (8 months up to 3 years): Topics

Preschool/School Age (3 years up to 9 years): Topics


*A sliding fee scale is available to make programs affordable for all parents.