Postpartum Support

At Camille Marie Coaching we offer support for mothers who are in the postpartum phase. We know that for many moms, this phase has become more difficult than ever because of the pandemic; mothers can feel alone, isolated, overwhelmed.  With CMC you don't have to. We offer a variety of resources and support. 

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Postpartum support can include...

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Bottle feeding support

  • Screening for Postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Bonding and attachment with your baby

  • Helping older children adjust to new baby

  • Organization and planning

  • Meal and snack prepping/cooking

  • Body image and changes for the mom

  • Safety concerns

  • Understanding developmental milestones for your baby

Postpartum Support 

Our knowledgeable Postpartum support counselors offer new mothers a safe healing space right in your own home to get the help and support needed to move through what they are experiencing. We know that supporting mothers is supporting the whole family.

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Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Quiz

This form was created to help moms determine if they my be at risk for postpartum depression.


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We offer prepaid in home postpartum support sessions.

This offering makes the perfect gift to a mother to be.

Postpartum Support Services 

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Sixty minutes of in home post partum support for parents of babies age birth up through 12 months of age.

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Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety (PPA) screening.

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Guidance and tools to help you gain the support you need.

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Resources for Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety (PPA).

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An open ear with a counselor and certified parent coach to discuss your worries/sadness/anxiety.

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Reviewing baby's developmental milestones.

Some helpful resource links

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Our approach 6.png

Perinatal Support Washington

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Our approach 6.png

The InfantRisk Center

The MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Here Is What Our Clients Have to Say...

"Camille was so open to hearing my worries about my child.  It helped me feel comfortable and I have learned so much from her."

 - Past Preschool Age Class Participant