Online ADHD Group Classes

Camille Marie Coaching offers in home or online ADHD group classes for children age 3-9

These classes offer a holistic approach to parenting a child with ADHD. We work to overcome and provide new tools when dealing with your child's ADHD and establish how to achieve harmony in the difficulties surrounding ADHD. 

Why We Offer This Class...

  • Parenting is hard and parenting a child with ADHD is harder

  • So you can be in a group with other patents who understand the unique challenges ADHD brings

  • It's conveniently live streamed online and if you miss a session it's been recorded for your review later


  • To provide an additional set of tools to manage challenging behaviors that come with ADHD

  • Whether you choose to medicate your child's ADHD or not, parents need to have tools to positively manage their child's behavior

  • These skills will last you a lifetime, saving you from power struggles with your child and helping you have a better understanding of yourself and their behaviors

Online Class Experience

Watch this video to hear from other parents what their experiences were from taking this class

What will online classes include?

18 weeks, 1 hour per week online parenting classes for children ages 3 up to 9 years

(some exceptions can be made for older children)

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Weekly 60 minute sessions remotely via video conference.  

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Booklet about class topics for more in depth understanding 

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Discover how temperament impacts parent/child dynamics.

Phone, text and email access with parent coach while working together. 

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Audio booklet also available. 

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Increase memory and follow through with commands.

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Built In Support From Other Parents

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Weekly homework and worksheets to help apply material learned.

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Learn how to increase emotional awareness to reduce tantrums.

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Access to private online support group for parents and adults who have ADHD

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New tools and skills that pertain to ADHD behaviors.

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Systematically use praise to decrease negative behaviors

Free consultation with your parent coach on how your child's 504 or IEP meets your child's needs 

Camille Marie Coaching ADHD Online Parenting Classes
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Lastly, why will you benefit from this class? Because I am a mom of a child with ADHD, so I get it! I understand on a deeply personal level and can relate to you and your struggles because I live it too, everyday. I have personally seen how well this program has helped my relationship with my son.  I am also aware of the many other diagnoses that commonly occur in individuals with ADHD (anxiety, learning disabilities are the most common) and will definitely be addressing those topics in the classes as well. I am here for you, and I will be with you every step of the way, what I wish someone else had done for me.

All my best,


Camille Hereth, BA, CC

Owner, Counselor, Certified Parent Coach