Camille Hereth, BA, CC

I am the owner and developer of Camille Marie Coaching.  My life passion as an adult has always been working with families and individuals to provide services to help improve quality of lives. I have done this mostly in social services, but also in family programming and counseling services the past 16 years.  A large bulk of the work I have done has been with children and families to help improve parent-child attachment and establish healthy family dynamics.  

Over the past 11 years I have had the opportunity to provide parent coaching in group sessions to thousands of parents for children between the ages birth to school age.  Additionally I've worked with many families in their home doing hands on parent coaching which has allowed me to tailor the material to meet each family's unique needs.  I have worked with many parents who wanted parent coaching to learn behavior intervention techniques as a supplemental service for specific behavioral diagnoses as well as providing in home counseling and behavior rehabilitation services to high risk youth.  

I have a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Psychology with a foci in Family Studies from Washington State University.  Additionally I am a Certified Counselor (CL 60267779) and am a Certified Parent Coach, also known as a Parent Educator. 

One area of parent coaching that is near and dear to my heart is working with mothers with newborns. Learning to parent a newborn can be challenging whether it's your first or fifth child because of all of the unique and different needs each baby has.  If a mother is identifying with post partum depression or anxiety, it can make the every day challenges of parenting feel even bigger.  I love providing hands on support to mamas in this season of their life.  

If you are interested in being a parent coach for Camille Marie Coaching 

Kim McKinney, BA,CC

Hi, my name is Kim McKinney.  I have a BA in Psychology, am a Certified Counselor (CL 60814341) as well as a certified Life Coach through the International Coach Federation for Individuals and Team. Additional training includes Trauma Informed Care and the Incredible Years parenting program for Babies, Toddlers, Preschool and School Age children.  I have found great joy in using those trainings to teach parenting classes which Camille and I have had the opportunity to teach together. 


I have been working with youth and families for over 25 years in many different capacities. My experience with youth and families includes teaching parenting classes, providing presentations to children and women in group settings, teaching outdoor education to grade school children, I was a preschool teacher, and a teacher for People to People Ambassador Program which involved taking 40 teenagers to Europe for three weeks to study culture.  I’ve also dedicated a lot of my time to directing summer day camps activities for children.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with foster children and families, provide crisis care counseling and mentor young moms.  


I also specialize in working with young adults and women who desire to find purpose and inspiration.  I do this through my own business called Journey On Life Coaching where I do one on one life coaching  I see myself as relational and enjoy working with and helping others.   I look forward to the opportunity to work with your family as a parent coach!

Cheryl De Roca, MA

Hello, my name is Cheryl De Roca.  I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, as well as a Masters in Organizational Management from Antioch University.  My background and passion for work is in human services which I have done for many years.  A large bulk of my work experience has been serving underprivileged families, and families who have required a lot of support due to a wide range of barriers some of which include financial, behavioral, or developmental disabilities.  Through this work I have learned how to communicate openly with families to understand what their unique needs are and work collaboratively with families to determine resources that will improve their quality of lives.   I believe it’s important to really focus on a families strengths, and highlight them so that they see their full potential.  I know personally that being a parent is difficult and believe it’s important for parents to hear what they’re doing well.  

I have been trained in several evidence-based intervention programs including Ages and Stages Developmental Tool and Ages and Stages Social Emotional Tool, Introductions and Foundations of Systems Care, Positive Behavioral Intervention Support and Positive Actions, as well as the Incredible Years Parenting Program.  I’ve had experience working with families with young children implementing the education and tools that evidence based programing is proven to give families when they engage.  I also enjoy volunteering at a local church with the youth programs.   

Snohomish, WA 98290

Telephone: (425) 232-6841

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